This Months Challenge Program

This Months Challenge Program

3 Seasons

Welcome to the 2024-- Invisible Waist Floating Ass Challenge! 🌟
I'm so grateful that you've chosen me to be your body transformation specialist. It's gonna be an awesome ride, I promise! πŸ’ƒ
Now, get this: You're not alone in this adventure. You're joining my in house Tampa squad who's doing the same Invisible Waist Floating Ass workouts. And guess what? You can do all of this right from your home. No need for fancy gym stuff!
🏠Equipment Needed:
Small Dumbbells ( I recommend 2-5 pounds),
Medium/Large Dumbbells' ( I recommend 8-15 pounds),
Resistance Band, and Chair.
( Please note that equipment is optional. The program can be done w/o equipment if you are a beginner)

1. Take a before picture HOLDING A PAPER THAT SAYS IWFA CHALLENGE DAY 1 (Front, Side, and Back View)
2. Check-In Daily: We want you to be active and healthy during the challenge. So, make sure to check in every day in our special Facebook group. It's like saying, "Hey, I did my workout today!"
3. Join the Weekly 10k Step Challenge: Walking is great exercise! 2 days every week, we challenge you to take 10,000 steps. That's like taking lots of steps to stay active. Make sure to show us that you're participating in this step challenge too!
4. Once you have completed the challenge take another picture (in the same position as above and same clothing if possible) HOLDING A PAPER THAT SAYS IWFA CHALLENGE FINAL RESULTS
*****Submit FINAL RESULTS [email protected] include 14-Day Challenge Results in the subject line of your email.****
You can snag the challenge for just $14.99 or go all in with a 1-year subscription. πŸ’΅

Our app is all about YOU. No crazy contracts, no sneaky cancellation fees, and absolutely zero risk. You're the boss of your fitness journey! πŸš€

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This Months Challenge Program